Our range of services includes the design, manufacturing and repair of various valves for the steel producing industry, the construction of samples and prototypes as well as the manufacturing of products in the area of customized and specialized mechanical engineering.

01. New Constructions

Our construction department adapts all products to meet customers specific demands. Our extensive know-how enables us to design and adapt the armatures and machines to the customer’s requirements easily. The close cooperation with our manufacturing department combines the expertise of all employees at every stage of production.

02. Repairs and damage assessment

Even the most durable valves and machines will reach the end of their lifetime at some point. In these cases, we do a careful inspection of all components and offer a repair, given that the repair is technically possible and economical acceptable. If a repair is not profitable, a new fabrication is offered to the customer.

03. Construction in CAD system with corresponding database

Our designers are supported by the latest technology. The 3D designs in CAD systems enable very productive work. All drawings are stored in a database, which includes a product-lifecycle-management-system. This setting allows us to focus on the product and manages the organizational tasks of design work.

04. Structural analysis of complex components

Complex components are verified by using modern simulation technology (FEM calculations). The calculation of virtual prototypes helps to save development time as well as cost before production. Furthermore, possible design errors will be detected and avoided.

05. Flow simulations

Especially regarding application in the hot blast systems of blast furnaces we developed energy-saving components. We confirm our designs using flow simulations to demonstrate temperature losses. Thanks to our simulations, we managed to install a wide variety of insulation types to accomplish the best possible result. Therefore, our products achieve the best possible energy savings.